Designer: Natalie Fonrose | Photography: Gary Jordan Studios


The Goddess of Fire and Wind, she sets ablaze the passions of her people on the Isle of Olympia! #LiveTheFantasy #ownDroad #IsleOfOlympia

Costume Prices

Super Frontline Female - $10,550 / USD $1,623 SOLD OUT
Includes: Body wear (wire bra), Neckpiece, Shoulder and upper arm pieces, wrist bands, Leg pieces (upper and calf), Feathered Backpack and crown,
Footwear by My Carnival Boots (two styles to choose from),
Saucy Goodie Bag with Complimentary Accessories and other Amenities offered to her Goddesses.

Frontline Female $8,995 / USD $1,384 SOLD OUT
Includes: Body wear, arms, legs, feathered backpack and tiara
- Add large feathered head piece - $1,500 / USD $231
- Add feathered legs - $1,200 / USD $185
Backline Female - $4,995 / USD $768 SOLD OUT
Includes: bra, belt, arms, leg pieces, bikini bottom and tiara
- Add Feathered Collar $750 / USD $115 SOLD OUT
- Add Small Feathered Head Piece - $850 / USD $131 SOLD OUT
Male $4,125 / USD $635
Includes: headband, chest and arm pieces, board shorts and belt
- Add Large feathered headpiece -$1,950 / USD $300

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